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Question which are familiar to everybody

Probably each of you has such a friend or a relative around you. This person, who has been cureing their own chronic diseases for long years. He goes on long corridors of the hospitals, collects the endless analysises. He gets much changes of diagnosis, getting herewith enormous amount of classical medications in the same way. All these disease are not cured, and new diseases are finding out during the process of the examination , which in turn require the new examinations and new medication. But once upon a time he can get a offer even simply to cut several problem-solving organs by operative way! ( whole text )  


Care about your health

Would you like to be helthy? If yes, why? Are You afraid of the sufferings, pains or deaths? Or are You very thrifty and you want to be runnable and harebrained and spend at minimum for this? But would you like to live 100 years and to be happy of the contact with grandson and great-grandson?
There is not dependents of Your answer, this answer You could address not to me but to your self. Because You need for your own health and you personally responsible for your health. ( whole text )  


A feed, diet, health (Tiresome clause for sick and thick)

At last that has come a long-awaited time of a dinner and you who are not eaten already more than five hours, siting down before a plate with meal. The meal does not smell well as you like, and you do not like same garnish too. But you are hungry so much and you have to fill your stomach with this food. Certainly then you will think that is better you would not eat it, that in a stomach unpleasant sensations, but already late are felt. You once again have voluntary poisoned your organism. ( whole text )